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Eco Travel Weekend Pack

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Dry Flora Briefs (Size) :
Feline Guard Panties (Size) :
SoftFlow Towel🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (Size) :

This Pack contains:

  • Dry Flora Panties
  • Feline Guard panties
  • SoftFlow Towel🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷
  • Secure friend pouch
  • Femina Carry Pencil Case
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Ready to live hassle-free adventures even during your period? Discover the “Eco Travel” Weekend Pack, your perfect solution for traveling light and be perfectly prepared in all circumstances.

The “Eco Travel” Weekend Pack is specially designed to allow you to travel with complete freedom even during your menstruation period. It includes two menstrual panties (Dry Flora and Feline Gard) which offer optimal protection whilst being incredibly lightweight. Forget bulky tampons and disposable pads, these reusable panties allow you to travel without menstrual hassles, while reducing your environmental impact.

Absolute advantages

Imagine being able to explore new horizons without worrying about the limited space in your travel bag for menstrual products. Thanks to the menstrual panties from the "Eco Travel" Weekend Pack, you can travel light while being perfectly protected. No more need to bring a large quantity of disposable products, these practical and ecological panties are all you need to get through your menstrual period with complete peace of mind.

Don't let your rules hold you back in your adventures! Order the “Eco Travel” Weekend Pack now and get ready for light, hassle-free travel. With this pack, you can explore new places without carrying bulky feminine hygiene products. The menstrual panties in the pack offer you reliable protection and optimal comfort, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment of your trip.

Delivery and returns

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Try Jefais-mapart menstrual panties for free for 30 days. Not satisfied? Receive a full refund. For any questions or complaints, please contact us using the contact form.

Dare to change towards a sustainable future with Jefais-mapart.

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Try our pack

Join our community of eco-responsible travelers who have chosen to travel light and in harmony with the planet. Opt for the “Eco Travel” Weekend Pack and free yourself from menstrual worries during your getaways.

Order now and get ready for light, hassle-free and eco-friendly travel with the “Eco Travel” Weekend Pack!


1. What is the return policy if the pack does not meet my expectations

offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you
are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it in its condition
original within 30 days for a full refund.

2. Can I use your menstrual panties and pads for urinary discharge or leakage?

Absolutely ! Our
menstrual panties and pads are perfectly suited for losses
or urinary leakage. With around six million women affected by this
problem, our products offer a practical and reliable solution. The panties
Revive Wear, with ultra-high absorption capacity, ensures comfort
and exceptional peace of mind, especially for urinary leakage
light. Additionally, our washable towels are an ideal option for
untimely losses throughout the day, effectively replacing the
panty liners. The Revive Wear panty is also perfect for sessions
sports, nights or even swimming, providing additional protection
against involuntary leaks. In short, our versatile products meet
diverse needs and situations effectively."

  • Anne-Cécile L.

    "Fan of light travel, the 'Eco Travel' Pack has become essential for me. Comfort, convenience, and eco-responsibility, everything is there. Goodbye excess menstrual products! I highly recommend this pack to those looking to travel without compromise, while remaining faithful to their eco-responsible values."

  • Léa Lenormand

    "Switching to washable panties is the best idea I've had this year! I've been using them for three months and frankly, I'm amazed by the protection. You might think we don't have anything It's all so comfortable. And then, the added bonus is knowing that we're not polluting the planet with our menstrual protection. It gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend these panties to everyone. who are looking for reliability and comfort."

  • Sandra, 32 years old Angers

    "I swapped my disposable panty liners for the Light option of SoftFlow pads, and frankly, for small flows or just to feel clean all day long, it's perfect. Nothing left to throw away! It's great for the planet and my wallet."

  • Chloé Joyeux, 34 years old:

    “This kit has simplified my menstrual routine.
    No more misplaced napkins at the bottom of my bag! Everything is now tidy and
    easy access. Cleaning is also very easy. I recommend to everyone
    woman looking for an elegant and practical solution for storing her period accessories."

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