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Victim of his own success
The Jefais-mapart Gift Card: Offer Tailor-made Comfort!

Looking for a unique gift that combines thoughtfulness and respect for the environment? With the Jefais-mapart gift card, simplify your life by offering a choice that is as vast as it is great. Ideal for those who want a gift imbued with care and ecological commitment, but without the doubts of selection.

Simplified Procedure for a Guaranteed Smile:

1. Amount Selection: Adjust the gift according to your preferences or budget, providing the perfect flexibility for a personalized gift.
2. Instant Delivery by Email: No waiting, no stress. Receive the card directly by email, ready to share with the one you want to cherish.
3. The Choice is Theirs: Your loved one explores our range of products and uses the gift card code to treat themselves to the menstrual panties that suit them best.

What You Really Offer: More than just an item, the Jefais-mapart gift card is a gesture that says “I care about you and the planet”. You give your loved ones the opportunity to choose a menstrual comfort solution that respects their unique needs while adhering to a philosophy of sustainability.

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Transform Intention into Action

With the Jefais-mapart gift card, you not only offer choice and comfort, but you also encourage an ecological approach.


1. How does the Jefais-mapart gift card work?

The gift card
Jefais-mapart is a simple and practical way to offer your loved ones the
freedom to choose from our range of ecological products. Simply
select the card amount, then we deliver it instantly by
email to the recipient, or to yourself if you prefer. Then, the
recipient can use the gift card code during their purchase to
benefit from the amount offered.

2. Can I personalize my gift card with a special message?

Absolutely ! YOU
have the option to include a personalized message when purchasing the
gift card. Simply add the box option and enter your
message during the ordering process. We will then include it in the
package when sending.

3. Is there an expiration date for using the gift card?

No, our cards
Jefais-mapart gifts do not have an expiration date. They can be
used at any time to purchase our ecological products, as long as the
Card amount has not been fully used.

4. Can I use my gift card to purchase sale items or special promotions?

Yes, absolutely!
Our gift cards can be used to purchase all items
available on our site, including those on sale or benefiting from
special promotions.

  • Florent B., 35 years old, Nantes

    “I gave the Jefais-mapart gift card to a friend
    eco-friendly for his birthday because I lacked inspiration and I came across
    this gift idea that I really liked straight away. My friend was also
    delighted to be able to choose her products according to her needs. The purchase was simple
    and fast, and she loved the experience. »

  • Clara Kounz, 33 years old

    "Receive the Jefais-mapart gift card
    was an excellent surprise! It was convenient and I was able to choose exactly what
    which I needed. It was a thoughtful and eco-responsible gift, perfect
    In my opinion. I think I will also give this type of gift when I have it
    the opportunity! "

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