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Washable Menstrual Pads

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Direct your prospects directly to your featured products. If you only have one product, present its benefits first before announcing it.

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  • FAQs

    Which panties to choose?

    Washable menstrual panties and pads are
    ecological alternatives to disposable hygienic protection. Panties are underwear with built-in absorbent layers, replacing
    such as traditional tampons or napkins. Washable menstrual pads are reusable cloth inserts that attach to menstrual or regular panties to absorb menstrual flow.

    These washable options are environmentally friendly and offer a sustainable,
    comfortable to manage periods.

    How do I choose my size and level of absorption?

    - Choose one
    panties according to your menstrual flow. The different levels
    absorption allow you to find the one that suits you best.

    - If you have a very heavy flow, we advise you to add a menstrual pad
    washable in the panties. Change the towel regularly depending on your flow.

    - Once used, rinse the panties and towels in cold water to remove blood.

    - Wash them in the machine with your small compact washing machine or by hand with mild soap.
    Avoid the use of fabric softeners or bleaches.

    - Dry them in the open air or at low temperature.

    What are the ecological advantages of your products?

    - Reduction of
    : By using washable products, you help to reduce the
    quantity of waste generated by disposable sanitary protection. According to
    the Environmental Working Group organization, every woman (having menstruation
    regular) uses on average 12,000 to 16,000 hygienic protections
    course of his life.
    By opting for washable menstrual products, you can
    significantly reduce this amount of waste

    - Financial savings : Investing in reusable washable products can save you money in the long run . According to estimates, a person can spend more than €200 per year on protection
    disposable hygiene products.

    - Comfort and convenience : Washable menstrual panties and pads are designed to be
    comfortable, breathable, and well-fitting, offering an alternative
    for disposable products. In addition, they reduce the risk
    irritations and allergies
    thanks to the use of natural materials
    and without chemicals.

    - Respect for your body : Unlike disposable hygienic protection, washable products from Jefais-mapart are made from soft fabrics such as bamboo fibers , thus avoiding irritation of the skin.
    skin and allergic reactions caused by chemicals found in plastics used in disposable products.

    - Encouragement
    responsible production
    : By choosing washable products from sustainable sources, you support ethical and responsible production . Opt for brands that emphasize fair trade and
    environmental sustainability.

    - Saves water and energy : Washable menstrual products require regular washing, which can make them appear to use more water and energy than disposable products. However, studies indicate that the amount of water and energy used in the manufacturing, transportation and disposal of disposable products is significantly greater than that required for the long-term maintenance of washable products.

    - Impact on natural resources : The production of disposable menstrual products requires the use of materials
    raw materials such as cotton, wood or petroleum-derived plastics. Exploitation of these resources can have environmental consequences, such as deforestation, pesticide use, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing products
    washable menstrual bags, we can considerably reduce our carbon footprint and thus preserve our dear planet.

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  • Émilie L., 34 years old, Strasbourg

    "At first, I doubted
    the effectiveness of Pure Gentle for my fine lingerie. However, this mini washing machine
    has completely changed my washing routine. The quick 15 minute program
    is a valuable time saver, and its quiet operation is perfect
    for my busy schedule. He takes care of my lingerie with gentleness
    surprising, maintaining the quality of each piece. I highly recommend it"

  • Marc Lepesant, 36 years old, Angers

    "Having grown up in a family that was very aware of
    environmental impact, I was eager to try LeafFresh when my
    partner told me about it. The effectiveness of these laundry sheets is
    amazing: they clean perfectly and dissolve without leaving
    least residue. In addition, their pre-dosed format eliminates the risk of waste
    of product. It’s a winning choice for the environment and for our home.
    LeafFresh is now a must-have in our home."

  • Nadège L., Angers

    "I opted for the Maxi pack, attracted by the installment payment offer. It seemed to me to be the ideal opportunity to calmly begin my adventure with washable products. I was skeptical about their effectiveness and the The idea of ​​having to wash them made me hesitate. However, the offer of a mini washing machine finally convinced me to take the plunge. It was with pure joy that I discovered washable panties and towels, which I now use. a fervent follower. I highly recommend!”

  • Léa D., Paris

    "'Feline Guard' is the best! She's pretty with her lace
    and what's more, it protects really well. I love it because I know I'm making a
    gesture for the planet by wearing it. It's perfect for those who want to be stylish while remaining green."

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