• Émilie L., 34 years old, Strasbourg

    At first I doubted
    the effectiveness of Pure Gentle for my fine lingerie. However, this mini washing machine
    has completely changed my washing routine. The quick 15 minute program
    is a valuable time saver, and its quiet operation is perfect
    for my busy schedule. He takes care of my lingerie with gentleness
    surprising, maintaining the quality of each piece. I highly recommend it"

  • Marc Lepesant, 36 years old, Angers

    "Having grown up in a family that was very aware of
    environmental impact, I was eager to try LeafFresh when my
    partner told me about it. The effectiveness of these laundry sheets is
    amazing: they clean perfectly and dissolve without leaving
    least residue. In addition, their pre-dosed format eliminates the risk of waste
    of product. It’s a winning choice for the environment and for our home.
    LeafFresh is now a must-have in our home."

  • Nadège L., Angers

    "I opted for the Maxi pack, attracted by the installment payment offer. It seemed to me to be the ideal opportunity to calmly begin my adventure with washable products. I was skeptical about their effectiveness and the The idea of ​​having to wash them made me hesitate. However, the offer of a mini washing machine finally convinced me to take the plunge. It was with pure joy that I discovered washable panties and towels, which I now use. a fervent follower. I highly recommend!”

  • Léa D., Paris

    "'Feline Guard' is the best! She's pretty with her lace
    and what's more, it protects really well. I love it because I know I'm making a
    gesture for the planet by wearing it. It's perfect for those who want to be stylish while remaining green."

  • Florent B., 35 years old, Nantes

    “I gave the Jefais-mapart gift card to a friend
    eco-friendly for his birthday because I lacked inspiration and I came across
    this gift idea that I really liked straight away. My friend was also
    delighted to be able to choose her products according to her needs. The purchase was simple
    and fast, and she loved the experience. »

  • Clara Kounz, 33 years old

    "Receive the Jefais-mapart gift card
    was an excellent surprise! It was convenient and I was able to choose exactly what
    which I needed. It was a thoughtful and eco-responsible gift, perfect
    In my opinion. I think I will also give this type of gift when I have it
    the opportunity! "

  • Charlotte Martin

    "These panties are a real revolution! I no longer have to stress about leaks or feel embarrassed. And the little bonus is knowing that I'm doing good for the planet with clean and eco-friendly products, that makes me so happy. It's much more than a pair of panties, it's like a little gesture of love for myself and the Earth. Thank you also for always being there to answer my questions, it counts. enormously !"

  • Fatima M.

    "Wow, the Dry Flora is just incredible! For someone with a flow as heavy as mine, finding something that lasts all day was the big challenge. They said it could take the equivalent of 4 tampons, and frankly, it does the job, I'm dry from morning to night, and what's more, I'm being eco-friendly by reducing waste, which is great. no news of my package for two days, I complained a little Fortunately, everything arrived safely!

  • Léa Lenormand, 24 years old

    "Switching to washable panties is the best idea I've had this year! I've been using them for three months and frankly, I'm amazed by the protection. You might think we don't have anything It's all so comfortable. And then, the added bonus is knowing that we're not polluting the planet with our menstrual protection. It gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend these panties to everyone. who are looking for reliability and comfort."

  • Camille L., Student

    “I tried these panties and wow, what a difference!
    Comfortable, eco-friendly and it holds up really well. I think I finally found the
    panties that suit me. Absolutely worth testing if you want to take care of
    you and our world."

  • Sophie H., nurse

    “These panties are a real game changer for me.
    With my job at the hospital, I need something
    something reliable and which keeps its promises. And I was not disappointed ! If you're looking for something comfortable and secure, these are the panties for you."

  • Charles P.

    "The dissolving laundry sheets are very easy to use! No risk of dosing errors or drops falling on the floor: a real comfort for those who are not too comfortable with ordinary laundry detergent!

  • Claudia, 38 years old Angers

    "Although I had to wait longer than expected for my order, and despite the disappointment with the shipping time, the experience with the washing machine was flawless. It cleans efficiently, and I uses it both for my underwear and for small items such as my children's bibs and socks."

  • Clara, 29 years old, Montpellier

    "This mini washing machine has transformed
    the way I take care of my lingerie and particularly my menstrual panties. Finished
    tedious hand washing; this mini washing machine cleans efficiently while
    saving energy. It fits perfectly into my limited space and its
    6 liter capacity meets my needs well. My panties come out clean and
    fresh every time. It's an excellent investment that I don't regret. Very grateful for this innovation!”

  • Nadège Pierre-André

    "Delivery was delayed but I'm quite happy with my purchase. No more worries about leaks at work during my busy days. Its comfort and absorbency have given me invaluable freedom and confidence. It's a must-have for me and I recommend it to those who have very heavy flows!”

  • Charles P. 35 years old Trélazé

    "When my wife bought it, I was a little skeptical about the real effectiveness of this little washing machine. But once I tried it, I was totally sold! No more socks disappearing in the drum of the washing machine. machine or that we spend hours looking for in the middle of the pile of laundry!

  • Justine, 28 years old

    "Suffering from mild urinary leakage after my pregnancy, I was constantly looking for a discreet and effective solution. The Revive Wear Panties were that miracle solution. Comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly, I couldn't do more 'get over it.'

  • Clara, 42 years old

    "With a heavy flow, the days of my period were synonymous with stress for me. In the 4 months since I discovered these panties, I live these days much more peacefully. Its absorption is impressive, and the fact that it is made of bamboo fibers reassures my ecological conscience A real revolution for my menstrual well-being! The little black spot is that there is only one color, which is a shame!

  • Clara Kounz, 33 years old

    "Before, every month it was a struggle with my periods, especially I couldn't sleep without writhing in pain. But as soon as I tested this infusion, everything changed. My cramps calmed down and my nights became much more zen. And frankly, I love the taste of this tea. It has become my little chill break during my period. A real little miracle in a cup!

  • Sabine A.

    "I really loved the design of the tea infuser which attaches directly to the cup, freeing my hands while my tea steeps leisurely. However, I would have preferred a slightly larger size for the infuser, in order to be able to use whole leaves if necessary."

  • Clara Leroi

    "Your infuser is just perfect! I enjoy its daily use and highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, cherishes the authentic flavors of loose leaf infusions. It is an excellent choice for true tea or infusion connoisseurs Besides ! "

  • Sandra, 32 years old Angers

    "I swapped my disposable panty liners for the Light option of SoftFlow pads, and frankly, for small flows or just to feel clean all day long, it's perfect. Nothing left to throw away! It's great for the planet and my wallet."

  • Emma Nanette, 26 years old:

    This kit has truly changed the way I store my period panties on a daily basis.
    It's perfect for keeping my essentials clean and discreet. The quality is great, and its size is perfect to fit in my sports bag or suitcase. A purchase that I absolutely do not regret

  • Chloé Joyeux, 34 years old:

    “This kit has simplified my menstrual routine.
    No more misplaced napkins at the bottom of my bag! Everything is now tidy and
    easy access. Cleaning is also very easy. I recommend to everyone
    woman looking for an elegant and practical solution for storing her period accessories."

  • Adeline Jean

    "I have just discovered the Wild Bikini and I am amazed by its effectiveness! No more uncomfortable tampons and granny panties. It absorbs surprisingly well. Despite its bikini appearance, I have not had any leaks and the bold style is a real plus. It's a real revolution for my menstrual routine. It feels good to finally feel comfortable and protected with such an ecological and stylish solution.

  • Anne-Cécile

    "I was initially attracted by the design which encouraged me to order, but what really won me over was the remarkable quality and practicality of this pouch. On the go, it could hold up to 4 used towels, allowing me to wait for my return to wash them, and this without the slightest leak or odor!

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