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Pure Gentle mini panty washer

Your ideal companion to preserve the beauty and quality of your delicate lingerie

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Revolutionize your washing routine with the Pure Gentle mini panty washer - Take care of your lingerie with ease!

Discover the Pure Gentle intelligent mini panty holder, specially designed to preserve the health of your delicate lingerie while simplifying your daily life. Abandon the hassle of washing by hand and opt for an efficient, compact and quiet solution that will offer you an unrivaled washing experience.

Why do our customers love it?

Pure Gentle is much more
than a simple washing machine. Thanks to its quick wash function of only
15 minutes,
you will not only save valuable time ,
but also electrical energy. Its generous capacity of 6 liters allows
wash several items at once while reducing your consumption
of water
. Also benefit from its silent operation, which
will allow you to do laundry without disturbing your peace or that
of the neighborhood.

Imagine yourself with the mini
Pure Gentle washing machine, an elegant and compact appliance that will easily find
its place in your bathroom or laundry room. Its design
intuitive and its small size (27 cm high) make it easy to
use for all members of your family. Don't worry about an arrival
dedicated water
, simply fill the tank manually and
enjoy washing without having to connect to a hose.

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Adopt Pure Gentle now

Don't miss this opportunity to make washing your lingerie simpler and more efficient .

Order the Pure Gentle smart mini washing machine now and discover a new way to take care of your underwear . Simplify your daily routine while saving energy, water and space .


Q1: What is the capacity of the mini washing machine?

A: Our washing machine
mini-intelligent has a generous 6 liter capacity, providing ample
plenty of space to wash multiple items at once.

Q2: Can we wash clothes other than delicate lingerie?

A: Of course! Although our
washing machine is specially designed to take care of delicate lingerie,
it can also be used to wash other small items such as
socks, scarves and hats.

Q3: How long does it take to wash the underwear?

A: Our washing machine
mini-intelligent offers a quick wash cycle of just 10 minutes,
ideal for people in a hurry. For a deep wash, select
just the third commit and let it run for 15

Q4: Is it energy efficient?

A: Absolutely! Our washing machine
mini-intelligent is designed with energy-saving technology, you
allowing you to reduce your electricity consumption while obtaining
impeccable washing results.

Q5: Do you offer optional additional insurance when purchasing the mini washing machine? What rates and durations of coverage are available?

A: Of course! In addition
of our standard one year warranty, we also offer insurance
optional add-on for extended peace of mind. During
your purchase, you have the possibility to subscribe to our extended insurance for
a second year of protection. This option is available at the price
advantageous of 10 euros. Additionally, if you want to extend your coverage
for a third year, we are offering a special combined offer of 15 euros
for the second and third year. With this additional insurance,
you will be able to enjoy continued protection and support after the end of
our standard warranty. For more information on the details of this
option, do not hesitate to contact our customer service during your purchase.

If you have other questions,
do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is here to help you find
the best washing solution for your unique needs.

Sustainability is
important, but functionality is just as important! For each of our
products, we ensure a healthy balance between ecological aspects and

  • Charles P. 35 years old Trélazé

    "When my wife bought it, I was a little skeptical about the real effectiveness of this little washing machine. But once I tried it, I was totally sold! No more socks disappearing in the drum of the washing machine. machine or that we spend hours looking for in the middle of the pile of laundry!

  • Émilie, 34 years old, Strasbourg

    "I was skeptical about the effectiveness of this mini washing machine, but I was pleasantly surprised: it transformed my laundry routine. Its quick 15-minute cycle is a real asset to my busy schedule and he treats my delicate lingerie with the utmost care I appreciate it so much that I hope to see my menstrual panties and pads last longer I recommend it for its exceptional convenience The only downside was the delay in delivery, but the reasons for. these setbacks have been explained to me and I understand them."

  • Claudia, 38 years old Angers

    "Although I had to wait longer than expected for my order, and despite the disappointment with the shipping time, the experience with the washing machine was flawless. It cleans efficiently, and I uses it both for my underwear and for small items such as my children's bibs and socks."

  • Clara, 29 years old, Montpellier

    "This mini washing machine has transformed
    the way I take care of my lingerie and particularly my menstrual panties. Finished
    tedious hand washing; this mini washing machine cleans efficiently while
    saving energy. It fits perfectly into my limited space and its
    6 liter capacity meets my needs well. My panties come out clean and
    fresh every time. It's an excellent investment that I don't regret. Very grateful for this innovation!”

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