Your Frequently Asked Questions

What are washable menstrual panties and pads?

Washable menstrual panties and pads are
ecological alternatives to disposable hygienic protection. Panties
are underwear with integrated absorbent layers, replacing
such as traditional tampons or napkins. Menstrual pads
washable are reusable fabric inserts that are attached to panties
menstrual or ordinary to absorb the menstrual flow. These washable options
are environmentally friendly and offer a sustainable alternative and
comfortable to manage periods.

How to use washable menstrual panties and pads?

- Choose panties based on your menstrual flow. THE
different absorption levels allow you to find the one that suits you
the best.

- If you have a very heavy flow, we advise you to add
a washable menstrual pad in the panties. Change the towel
regularly depending on your flow.

- Once used, rinse the panties and towels in cold water
to remove blood.

- Wash them in the machine with your small compact washing machine or in the
hand with a mild soap. Avoid the use of softeners or agents

- Dry them in the open air or at low temperature.

What are the ecological advantages of your products?

- Reduction of
: By using washable products, you help to reduce the
quantity of waste generated by disposable sanitary protection. According to
the Environmental Working Group organization, every woman (having menstruation
regular) uses on average 12,000 to 16,000 hygienic protections
course of his life.
By opting for washable menstrual products, you can
significantly reduce this amount of waste

- Economy
financial: Investing in reusable washable products can help you
save money in the long term . According to estimates,
a person can spend more than €200 per year on protection
disposable hygiene products.

- Comfort and convenience
: Washable menstrual panties and pads are designed to be
comfortable, breathable, and well-fitting, offering an alternative
for disposable products. In addition, they reduce the risk
irritations and allergies
thanks to the use of natural materials
and without chemicals.

- Respect for
your body
: Unlike disposable hygienic protections,
washable products from Jefais-mapart are made from fabrics
soft such as bamboo fibers
, thus avoiding irritation of the
skin and allergic reactions caused by chemicals present
in plastics used in disposable products.

- Encouragement
to responsible production
: By choosing washable products from
from sustainable sources, you support ethical and responsible production .
Opt for brands that emphasize fair trade and
environmental sustainability.

- Saving water and energy : The products
washable menstrual pads require regular washing, which can result in
the impression that they consume more water and energy than the products
disposable. However, studies indicate that the amount of water and energy
used for manufacturing, transportation and disposal of products
disposable is significantly higher than that required for long-term maintenance
washable products.

- Impact on natural resources : The
production of disposable menstrual products requires the use of materials
raw materials such as cotton, wood or petroleum-derived plastics.
The exploitation of these resources can have consequences on
the environment, such as deforestation, the use of pesticides,
pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. By choosing products
washable menstrual bags, we can considerably reduce our carbon footprint and
thus preserve our dear planet.

How long do Jefais-mapart washable menstrual panties and pads last?

Washable menstrual panties and pads from jefais-Mapart have
generally a lifespan of 5 to 10 years , depending on maintenance
and frequency of use. Proper maintenance can prolong their

How many panties do I need to last my entire period?

For menstrual management
responsible, we recommend having around ten pairs of panties depending on
your menstrual flow and your washing routine. Typically three to five
panties in regular rotation, supplemented by at least three towels
washable, are enough to cover the entire duration of your period. This approach
allows you to wear them alternately throughout the day, by
washing as needed. However, the number may vary
depending on the abundance of your flow and your washing preferences. We you
We encourage testing and adjusting based on your personal needs.

How do I choose the right size for my Eco-Conscious panties?

To choose the right size for your body shape, measure
your pelvic circumference at the level of the hip bones, then refer to our
size chart below:

- Hip circumference from 87 to 91 cm: size S

- Hip circumference from 92 to 96 cm: size M

- Hip circumference from 97 to 101 cm: size L

- Hip circumference from 102 to 106 cm: size XL

- Hip circumference from 107 to 111 cm: size 2XL

- Hip circumference from 112 to 116 cm: size 3XL

Choose the size that best matches your measurements
for a perfect fit of your Eco-Conscious panties.

Can I use your menstrual panties and pads for urinary discharge or leakage?

Absolutely ! Our
menstrual panties and pads are perfectly suited for losses
or urinary leakage. With around six million women affected by this
problem, our products offer a practical and reliable solution. The panties
Revive Wear, with ultra-high absorption capacity, ensures comfort
and exceptional peace of mind, especially for urinary leakage
light. Additionally, our washable towels are an ideal option for
untimely losses throughout the day, effectively replacing the
panty liners. The Revive Wear panty is also perfect for sessions

sports, nights or even swimming, providing additional protection
against involuntary leaks. In short, our versatile products meet
diverse needs and situations effectively."

Can I use Eco-Conscious panties in anticipation of my period or even while waiting for my first period to arrive?

Absolutely ! All our panties
Eco-Conscious are perfect for anticipating the arrival of your period or for
wait for your first period in peace. However, our panties
Wild Bikini is particularly light and designed for use
daily, which makes it the perfect ally for this situation. With the
Wild Bikini, you can anticipate the arrival of your period by
complete peace of mind and say goodbye to unpleasant surprises.

How to ensure that washable products remain hygienic after several uses?

To guarantee the hygiene of your washable products after
several uses, machine wash them at a temperature below
40°C with a mild detergent and no bleach. We recommend you
also dry them in the open air in order to preserve the integrity of the fibers.
Regular, gentle washing ensures their cleanliness and long-term effectiveness.

If you are looking for an optimal solution, we
recommend using our underwear washing machine. This washing machine offers
specialized washing to preserve the quality of all your underwear and
more specifically menstrual panties. With an operating time of
only 15-20 minutes and suitable washing options, this washing machine
makes it easier to wash your panties. Thanks to its high-quality copper motor
quality, it ensures superior performance with efficient operation
silent. In addition, it does not require a specific water supply, you
can therefore fill it manually with a tap or a carafe of hot water
for a little warmth. By using our underwear washing machine,
combined with our dedicated laundry detergent; you will extend the life of your
panties, promote responsible consumption and reduce waste
textiles. This will allow you to enjoy reliable protection more
for a long time, while having a lower impact on the environment.

Are washable menstrual panties and pads suitable for all skin types?

Yes, washable menstrual panties and pads
suitable for all skin types. The materials used, such as
bamboo fibers, are hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin, thus reducing
the risk of irritation and allergies often associated with disposable products.

How much LeafFresh detergent should I use for my washable menstrual products?

For a standard load of laundry, use a sheet of
LeafFresh laundry detergent. For washing with the mini washing machine or by hand, we
recommend using half a sheet. The predefined line on the
leaf will help you stick to the recommended dose.

Folding row

Can LeafFresh laundry detergent be used for other types of laundry?

Certainly ! LeafFresh is a versatile detergent
which can be used safely to wash all types of laundry, clothes
delicates to bedding items and even washable menstrual pads.
Its gentle formula guarantees effective cleaning while preserving softness
tissues and taking care of your skin. With LeafFresh you can have
confidence in a thorough wash and impeccable results, whatever
either the type of laundry you wash

Are herbal teas safe to consume during my period?

Quite ! Our infusions are prepared with
natural ingredients carefully selected for their properties
soothing and beneficial during menstruation. However, if you have
concerns or if you have a particular medical condition, it is
always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before
consume our infusions. Your well-being is our top priority.

Can you guarantee that your products are completely eco-friendly?

Absolutely ! Our commitment to the environment
is a top priority. We strive to reduce our footprint
carbon by using sustainable materials, adopting practices of
ethical production and minimizing waste. Our products are designed with
care to be as environmentally friendly as possible, while still ensuring you
offering the best quality and satisfaction.


We hope this FAQ has answered
all your questions regarding our products and their use. At Jefais-mapart,
we are determined to offer you ecological, sustainable and
environmentally friendly for your menstrual management. If you have

any other questions or need additional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us
contact the email address: . We are here to help you
every step of your journey to a more sustainable period and
comfortable. Thank you for your trust and your commitment to a future
greener !