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Revive Wear Panties

Ultimate Comfort and Exceptional Absorption for your Periods or Light Urinary Leakage"

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Are you looking for ultimate comfort combined with certified period protection?

Redefine your Menstrual Comfort with Revive Wear Panties with Certified Bamboo Fibers »

Say goodbye to worries about heavy periods and even light bladder leakage . The Revive Wear Panties are designed to offer you absolute comfort and exceptional absorption, even exceeding that of 5 tampons (80 ml).

What does Revive wear promise us?

- Ultimate Comfort and Exceptional Softness : Thanks to its high-performance design and luxurious bamboo fibers, the Revive Wear Panties offer incomparable comfort while being soft against your delicate skin.

- Exceptional Absorption : With an absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons (80 ml), these panties are specially designed for heavy flows. It offers you safe and reliable protection, allowing you to go about your activities with complete peace of mind.

- ideal solution for Light Urinary Leakage : In addition to its ability to manage heavy menstrual flow, the Revive Wear Panties also offer effective protection against light urinary leakage, allowing you to feel confident throughout the period. daytime.

- Breathability and Freshness : The breathable properties of bamboo keep your skin cool, dry and well ventilated, eliminating any feeling of humidity and discomfort.

- Powerful Absorption : Cope with the heaviest flows without compromise thanks to the Revive Wear Panties. Its Super level is equivalent to 5 tampons (80 ml), giving you extreme protection and absolute peace of mind.

- A Complete Solution : No longer juggle between different protections. The Revive Wear Panty offers a practical and versatile solution for heavy periods and light bladder leakage, keeping you feeling secure throughout the day.

- Freedom of Movement : Say goodbye to fears of leaks and enjoy total freedom of movement. The Revive Wear Panties adapt to your body, offering you unparalleled comfort, whether during your daily activities or during your intense workouts.

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Adopt Revive Wear panties

Don't compromise when it comes to your comfort and protection. Opt for the Revive Wear Panties and benefit from a level of absorption equivalent to 5 tampons (80 ml) to deal with heavy flows and light leaks. Treat yourself to a hassle-free, worry-free experience with Revive Wear Panties now!


Q 1: Are the Revive Wear Panties comfortable for daily use?

A1: Absolutely! It was designed to provide comfort
ultimate thanks to its soft and breathable bamboo fibers, allowing you to
wear it all day without discomfort.

Q2: How long can I wear Revive Wear Panties without changing them?

A2: Thanks to a
absorption capacity equivalent to 5 tampons (80 ml), the Revive Wear Panties
can be worn all day , however, we recommend adjusting
use according to your personal flow for comfort and hygiene.

Q 3: Are Revive Wear Panties really effective against light urinary leakage?

A 3: Yes, in addition
being a remarkable solution for heavy menstrual flow, it offers
safe protection for mild urinary leakage, allowing you to
stay confident and dry.

Q 4: How do I maintain my Revive Wear Panties to ensure their longevity?

Revive wear panties are easy to maintain. After
use, you can rinse it with cold water to remove residue.
Then wash it by hand or machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C
with similar colors and without using fabric softener. To preserve its
durability, we recommend not putting it in the dryer, but
air dry.

If you are looking for an optimal solution, we
recommend using our underwear washing machine. This washing machine offers
specialized washing to preserve the quality of all your underwear and
more specifically menstrual panties. With an operating time of
only 15-20 minutes and suitable washing options, this washing machine
makes it easier to wash your panties. Thanks to its high-quality copper motor
quality, it ensures superior performance with efficient operation
silent. In addition, it does not require a specific water supply, you
can therefore fill it manually with a tap or a carafe of hot water
for a little warmth. By using our underwear washing machine, you
will extend the life of your panties, promote consumption
responsible and reduce textile waste. This will allow you to benefit
reliable protection for longer, while having less impact on
the environment.

Q5: Are Revive Wear Panties suitable for all body types?

Yes, we are committed to providing exceptional comfort for all types
of body. Please see our size guide available on the page
to find your perfect fit.

  • Nadège Pierre-André

    "Delivery was delayed but I'm quite happy with my purchase. No more worries about leaks at work during my busy days. Its comfort and absorbency have given me invaluable freedom and confidence. It's a must-have for me and I recommend it to those who have very heavy flows!”

  • Justine, 28 years old

    "Suffering from mild urinary leakage after my pregnancy, I was constantly looking for a discreet and effective solution. The Revive Wear Panties were that miracle solution. Comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly, I couldn't do more 'get over it.'

  • Clara, 42 years old

    "With a heavy flow, the days of my period were synonymous with stress for me. In the 4 months since I discovered these panties, I live these days much more peacefully. Its absorption is impressive, and the fact that it is made of bamboo fibers reassures my ecological conscience A real revolution for my menstrual well-being! The little black spot is that there is only one color, which is a shame!

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