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LeafFresh's eco-friendly formula excludes any traces of microplastics, preservatives, parabens or phosphates. This vegan laundry detergent , dermatologically tested, uses ingredients from wild plants . Dissolving completely in water, it ensures optimal cleaning without leaving residue on your clothes. LeafFresh sheets are effective in removing stubborn stains and all odors, even at low temperatures, saving energy and preserving the longevity of your underwear. Suitable for all types of machines, these pre-measured sheets simplify their use, reduce packaging and waste. They are suitable for all your washing routines.

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Order your LeafFresh now and join the responsible and efficient washing movement! Opt for environmentally friendly, efficient and practical laundry detergent .


Q1. How long does a LeafFresh sheet last?

A: Each LeafFresh sheet is designed for one wash only.
During the washing process, it dissolves completely in water,
providing a convenient, residue-free experience.

Q2. Is LeafFresh suitable for sensitive skin?

A: Absolutely! LeafFresh is specially formulated without
common irritants such as parabens, preservatives and phosphates.
Additionally, it has been dermatologically tested to ensure that it is suitable for
sensitive skins.

Q3. Does LeafFresh work well with all types of clothing?

A: Yes, LeafFresh is designed to work efficiently
with all types of clothing, including delicate materials like
wool. This makes it a great choice for underwear and panties
menstrual. Whether short cycles, hand washes or with
any type of washing machine, LeafFresh offers optimal cleaning without

Q4. How is LeafFresh laundry detergent environmentally friendly?

A: LeafFresh laundry detergent is environmentally friendly
in several respects. First of all, it is made from materials
biodegradable, thus helping to reduce the impact on the ecosystem. Moreover,
the ingredients used are of plant and wild origin, thus avoiding
the use of chemicals that are harmful to the planet. Moreover, the
packaging is minimalist, thereby reducing plastic waste
compared to traditional detergents

Q5. Is LeafFresh tested on animals?

A: No, we are proud to say that LeafFresh is a
vegan product and is not tested on animals. We grant a
great importance to respect for animal life and we are committed to
offer ethical products.

Q6. Can I use LeafFresh with cold water?

A: Absolutely! LeafFresh is designed to be effective
regardless of the type of wash and the different temperatures. That you
use hot, lukewarm or cold water, LeafFresh guarantees you
powerful, residue-free cleaning.

Q7. How big are LeafFresh leaves?

A: Each LeafFresh sheet is pre-measured and measures 14
cm x 11 cm. In addition, they are perforated to allow them to be divided into
half sheets measuring 11cm x 7cm, making them convenient to use and

  • Sophie Laprand, 32 years old

    "I've always been looking for laundry detergent options
    more ecological, but I had never found a product that satisfied me
    fully up to LeafFresh. Since I've been using it, my panties
    menstrual bags are impeccable, without any trace or odor. Which is
    incredible is that despite my sensitive skin, I had no reaction
    allergic. LeafFresh has definitely changed my laundry routine for
    better, and knowing that I contribute to the health of our planet makes every
    washing even more satisfying!”

  • Marc Lepesant, 35 years old

    "Having grown up in a family that was very aware of
    environmental impact, I was eager to try LeafFresh when my
    partner told me about it. The effectiveness of these laundry sheets is
    amazing: they clean perfectly and dissolve without leaving
    least residue. In addition, their pre-dosed format eliminates the risk of waste
    of product. It’s a winning choice for the environment and for our home.
    LeafFresh is now a must-have in our home."

  • Clara Kounz, 33 years old

    "Like many, I am constantly looking for
    ways to live more sustainably. LeafFresh has been a revelation for
    my family. Not only do our clothes come out of the washing machine fresh and
    clean, but knowing that we are reducing our plastic footprint
    fills us with pride. Switching to LeafFresh was one of our goals
    durability for the year, and we couldn't be happier with the result.
    Changing your laundry detergent may seem like a small step, but it's a big leap in
    forward for our well-being and that of the planet."

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