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Dry Flora Panties

Your ultra-absorbent shield for reliable, environmentally friendly protection

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DRY Flora : Your ultra-absorbent shield for reliable and environmentally friendly protection with 'J'Fais Ma Part'.

Immerse yourself in an unrivaled level of comfort and confidence during your period with the DRY Flora, a refined panty offering superior protection while preserving our planet. Say goodbye to worries about leaks and fully enjoy your well-being. DRY Flora revolutionizes your menstrual experience!

Why do our customers love it?

- Revolutionary Absorption: Enjoy absorption of up to 65 ml, the equivalent of 4 tampons, for peace of mind throughout the day.
- Advanced Anti-Leak Protection: Unrivaled expertise for impeccable leak prevention, giving you absolute comfort and total confidence.
- Naturally Safe: Made without PFAS and with OEKO-TEX certified materials, you can have absolute confidence in your protection, while respecting the environment.
- Ecological Commitment: Opt for a sustainable alternative to disposable towels and even organic cotton, for an eco-responsible approach.

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Dare to change towards a sustainable future with Jefais-mapart.

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Try Dry Flora

Choose confidence, comfort and
by opting for the Dry Flora panties from 'Jefais-Ma Part'. Say
goodbye to disposable tampons and pads that harm the environment and
your health. With Dry Flora, you benefit from ultimate protection ,
an eco-responsible approach and a menstrual experience without
Treat yourself to the best by redefining your cycle with the
Dry Flora panties. Prioritize your comfort and the planet


1. Why did you choose to use bamboo fibers instead of other materials, such as organic cotton, for the design of your products?

We have consciously chosen to use bamboo fibers in the design of our products to
several important reasons. The bamboo fibers we use are
more durable than organic cotton and other materials commonly used in
The fashion industry. They have a lower environmental footprint
during their production and their disposal at the end of their life. Moreover, the
Bamboo fibers provide superior strength, meaning our
Products last longer and require less renewal. THE
bamboo fibers that we use are also lighter and softer
touch, which provides optimal comfort to our customers. By choosing our
products made from bamboo fibers, you are making a sustainable choice
which contributes to the preservation of the environment while offering you
exceptional quality and comfort.

2. Are the Dry Flora panties suitable for sports activities or nights?

Absolutely ! The DRY Flora panties are designed for you
accompany you in all your activities, including sporting activities or
during your nights. It provides advanced leak-proof protection for you
allow you to move with confidence and spend peaceful nights.

3. Are Dry Flora panties suitable for women with skin sensitivities or allergies?

The DRY Flora panties are made with materials
OEKO-TEX certified, which means it is thoroughly tested
to avoid harmful substances. However, each person can react
differently. If you experience a skin or allergic reaction, we recommend that you
consult your doctor.

4. How to wash and maintain Dry Flora panties?

DRY Flora panties are easy to maintain. After
use, you can rinse it with cold water to remove residue.
Then wash it by hand or machine at a maximum temperature of 30°C
with similar colors and without using fabric softener. To preserve its
durability, we recommend not putting it in the dryer, but
air dry.

If you are looking for an optimal solution, we
recommend using our underwear washing machine. This washing machine offers
specialized washing to preserve the quality of all your underwear and
more specifically menstrual panties. With an operating time of
only 15-20 minutes and suitable washing options, this washing machine
makes it easier to wash your panties. Thanks to its high-quality copper motor
quality, it ensures superior performance with quiet operation.
In addition, it does not require a specific water supply, so you can
fill manually with a tap or a jug of hot water for a little
heat. By using our underwear washing machine, you will extend the
lifespan of your panties, will promote responsible consumption and
reduce textile waste. This will allow you to benefit from protection
reliable for longer, while having a lower impact on the environment.

5. How long can I wear the Dry Flora panties before I need to change them?

How long you wear Dry Flora panties depends on your flow
menstrual. It is recommended to change it every 4 to 12 hours to
maintain optimal protection. You can adapt the frequency of
change according to your individual needs.

  • Charlotte Martin

    "These panties are a real revolution! I no longer have to stress about leaks or feel embarrassed. And the little bonus is knowing that I'm doing good for the planet with clean and eco-friendly products, that makes me so happy. It's much more than a pair of panties, it's like a little gesture of love for myself and the Earth. Thank you also to you for always being there to answer my questions, it counts. enormously !"

  • Fatima M.

    "Wow, the Dry Flora is just incredible! For someone with a flow as heavy as mine, finding something that lasts all day was the big challenge. They said it could take the equivalent of 4 tampons, and frankly, it does the job, I'm dry from morning to night, and what's more, I'm being eco-friendly by reducing waste, which is great. no news of my package for two days, I complained a little Fortunately, everything arrived safely!

  • Léa Lenormand

    "Switching to washable panties is the best idea I've had this year! I've been using them for three months and frankly, I'm amazed by the protection. You might think we don't have anything It's all so comfortable. And then, the added bonus is knowing that we're not polluting the planet with our menstrual protection. It gives me peace of mind. I highly recommend these panties to everyone. who are looking for reliability and comfort."

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