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TheBloom infuser

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TheBloom Infuser - The perfect brew in no time!

Discover the TheBloom infuser, the ultimate tool for enjoying a perfectly brewed cup of tea in the blink of an eye! Designed with innovative technology, TheBloom guarantees a superior tea experience that will delight all tea lovers.

Thanks to its clever design , TheBloom allows you to prepare your tea or infusion in record time, without any hassle. No more endless infusions! Enjoy perfectly brewed tea in just minutes. Its stainless steel structure ensures optimal heat diffusion, while its small holes prevent leaves from escaping into your cup.

Our customers love it so much

- Fast Brewing : Get a tasty cup of tea in just a few minutes! No need to wait long to enjoy your favorite drink.

- Zero residue: Thanks to its small holes, TheBloom retains the tea or infusion leaves and guarantees you a cup without any residue . Say goodbye to nasty bits in your drink!

- Premium Quality : Made of high quality stainless steel, TheBloom is durable and corrosion resistant. You can count on its longevity for many years of enjoying flavorful tea.

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TheBloom infuser now and enjoy a perfect cup of tea at
every time. Revolutionize your tea experience today!


Q1: What types of tea can I use with TheBloom Infuser?

TheBloom infuser is compatible with all kinds of tea leaves, from
green tea to black tea, including herbal teas. You can use it with
your favorite loose tea for a personalized experience

Q2. What materials are used in the manufacturing of TheBloom infuser?

A: TheBloom infuser is made of quality silicone
food approved LFGB, guaranteeing safe and harmless use
for your tea.

LFGB stands for “Lebensmittel-, Bedarfsgegenstände- und Futtermittelgesetzbuch
» in German, which translates to “Book of Food Law
food, consumer articles and animal feed. He
is a set of regulations and standards that ensures safety
materials and products used in contact with food in Germany. There
compliance with the LFGB standard means that the product, such as the material in
silicone used in the TheBloom infuser, has been tested and has
meets the requirements set by German safety authorities
food, thus guaranteeing its compatibility with food and reassuring
consumers regarding its safety.

Q3. What is the capacity of TheBloom brewer?

A: TheBloom brewer is designed for use
individual and has enough capacity to brew a cup of tea.
However, it may vary depending on the size of the tea leaves

Q4. Is it safe to use TheBloom brewer with boiling water?

A: Yes, TheBloom brewer is designed to withstand
high temperatures and can be used safely with water
boiling. However, be careful when handling hot water
to avoid burns.

Q5. Can I use TheBloom infuser with tea bags?

A: TheBloom brewer is specifically designed to brew
loose tea leaves or herbal teas. It is not recommended to use
tea bags, as this can restrict the flow of water and compromise the
quality of the infusion.

  • Sabine A.

    "I really loved the design of the tea infuser which attaches directly to the cup, freeing my hands while my tea steeps leisurely. However, I would have preferred a slightly larger size for the infuser, in order to be able to use whole leaves if necessary."

  • Clara Leroi

    "Your infuser is just perfect! I enjoy its daily use and highly recommend it to anyone who, like me, cherishes the authentic flavors of loose leaf infusions. It is an excellent choice for true tea or infusion connoisseurs Besides ! "

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