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Femina Carry Pencil Case Always keep all your period essentials close at hand!

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With the Femina Carry kit, keep your period management accessories close at hand.
No more unpleasant period surprises at home or on the go. The Femina Carry bag is specially designed to store all your accessories between periods and easily take them with you when you travel, for peace of mind and optimal organization.

Why do our customers love it?

- Perfect for on the go : The Femina pencil case
Carry measures 23*9.5*15.5cm, providing enough space to store all
your essential accessories in a compact way.

- Easy to transport : Its practical and lightweight format
allows you to slip it into your handbag, your luggage or even your
pocket, to always have it at hand.

- Peace of mind : Never get caught again
off guard. With the Femina Carry case, you can be sure of always
have with you your essentials, because the rules do not warn.

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Adopt the femina carry

Never be caught off guard: with the Femina Carry kit at hand, be sure to have all the essentials in all circumstances

Transform your on-the-go experience: opt for the Femina Carry case and keep all your clean accessories close at hand.

Whether at home or while traveling , welcome your period with complete peace of mind thanks to this practical solution.

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Q1: What dimensions does the Femina Carry bag have?

A: The Femina kit
Carry measures 23 cm in length, 9.5 cm in width and 15.5 cm in height,
offering optimized space for efficient storage of your accessories

Q2: Is the Femina Carry case waterproof and what materials are used to make it?

A: The Femina kit
Carry is not waterproof, but is designed to resist splashes
and protect your accessories from humidity. It is made from
high quality durable materials like cork, ensuring both protection and longevity.

Q3: How can the Femina Carry kit be maintained?

A: To maintain
the Femina Carry case, it is recommended to clean it delicately with
hand with mild soap and water. Avoid complete immersion in water and
let it air dry to maintain its integrity and appearance.

Q4: How many menstrual accessories can fit in the Femina Carry bag?

A: The capacity of the Femina Carry kit depends on the
size and type of your menstrual accessories. In general, it can
easily accommodate up to 10 menstrual panties and a few other accessories,
keeping everything organized and accessible.

Q5: Is the Femina Carry case available in several colors?

A: Currently, the
Femina Carry pencil case is available in an elegant design that matches
all styles. Stay tuned for future updates to our range,
as we plan to expand our color options to meet tastes
variety of our customers.

  • Marie Lusier, 29 years old:

    “I always dreaded traveling during my period
    until I discovered the Femina Carry kit. Everything fits perfectly
    inside, and I love being able to keep everything organized and within reach. It has become an essential for me, whether for long trips or weekend getaways."

  • Chloé Joyeux, 34 years old:

    “This kit has simplified my menstrual routine.
    No more misplaced napkins at the bottom of my bag! Everything is now tidy and
    easy access. Cleaning is also very easy. I recommend to everyone
    woman looking for an elegant and practical solution for storing her period accessories."

  • Emma Nanette, 26 years old:

    This kit has truly changed the way I store my period panties on a daily basis.
    It's perfect for keeping my essentials clean and discreet. The quality is great, and its size is perfect to fit in my sports bag or suitcase. A purchase that I absolutely do not regret

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