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SoftFlow Towel🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷

Soft Washable Towel for Light Flows

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Explore SoftFlow, the washable bamboo fiber towel offering three levels of absorption to accompany all stages of your period. Comfort, reliability and respect for the environment combined in a single product, for periods with complete peace of mind .

    Technical characteristics

    1. SoftFlow size S (Light) : the perfect ally for light flows and the last days of your period, offering light absorption up to 25 ml with soft comfort and total discretion.
    2. SoftFlow size M (Regular) : ideal for moderate menstrual flow throughout the day , providing an average absorption of up to 40ml with a leak-proof design for continued peace of mind.
    3. SoftFlow size l (Maxi): Designed for heavy periods and the first nights of periods, SoftFlow Maxi offers maximum absorption up to 65 ml, ensuring safety, comfort and superior protection at all times.

    Why choose SoftFlow?

    Made from natural bamboo fibers, SoftFlow ensures unparalleled comfort while respecting the environment with sustainable materials and OEKO-TEX certification for optimal safety and quality. Equipped with an anti-slip strip, this towel guarantees use with complete confidence . Its compact size makes it easy to carry when traveling , while its practical design allows you to change without removing your pants

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    Imagine worry-free, stress-free periods with SoftFlow, your reliable companion offering tailored protection for every moment of your menstrual cycle. Live in harmony with your body and the environment. Take it anywhere on your trips or weekends away from home.

    Opt for SoftFlow today and discover a new level of comfort, performance and respect for your body and the planet. Adopt SoftFlow as your ally for rules with complete peace of mind.


    1. Can SoftFlow pads replace panty liners in my daily routine?

    Yes, SoftFlow towels, especially our version
    Light, are perfect for replacing everyday panty liners. They
    offer the same discretion and comfort, with the added advantage of being
    washable and reusable, making it a more environmentally friendly option and
    economical in the long term. Whether you are looking to manage a very light flow,
    white discharge or to make you feel fresh every day, SoftFlow Light is a
    durable and comfortable alternative to single-use panty liners.

    2. Are SoftFlow pads comfortable to wear during physical activities or sports?

    Absolutely ! Thanks to their design in bamboo fibers and
    their anti-leak system, SoftFlow towels offer comfort and
    Optimal safety during all kinds of activities. Their finesse and
    softness ensure total discretion and perfect adaptation to your
    body, allowing you to stay active with confidence.

    3. Are SoftFlow towels suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes, SoftFlow towels are perfect for skin
    sensitive. Bamboo fibers are known for their natural softness and
    their hypoallergenic properties. In addition, the absence of PFAS and the
    OEKO-TEX certification guarantees a safe and risk-free composition for
    your skin. Your comfort and health are at the heart of our design.

    4. How many times can I reuse each SoftFlow towel?

    SoftFlow towels are designed to be reused
    for several years with proper care. We recommend
    wash according to the instructions provided to maintain their effectiveness
    absorption and softness. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your
    towels up to 5 years or more.

    • Julie, 29 years old Angers

      "On my flow days
      abundant, the combination of menstrual panties with the SoftFlow towel
      Maxi is my go-to. This allows me to spend my nights peacefully,
      without worrying about leaks or comfort. What I appreciate more is the
      Anti-slip strip of the SoftFlow towel. It stays in place, whatever
      either my activity or at night. I highly recommend SoftFlow to anyone
      who are looking for ecological, comfortable and reliable solutions."

    • Sandra, 32 years old Angers

      "I swapped my disposable panty liners for the Light option of SoftFlow pads, and frankly, for small flows or just to feel clean all day long, it's perfect. Nothing left to throw away! It's great for the planet and my wallet."

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