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Starter Pack, discover the reinvented essentials

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Feline Guard Panties (Size) :
SoftFlow Towel🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (Size) :
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Tired of navigating the maze of standard menstrual products and never finding what you need? We present to you the Starter Pack, the complete solution for those who want to revolutionize their menstrual experience from the first try.


Our Starter Pack is not a simple starter kit. He
is designed to give you comfort, safety, and style from day one.
Included in this pack:

- Feline Guard Menstrual Panties : Combines elegance and optimal protection to stay calm and active throughout the day.

- Soft Flow towels**: Choose between “light”, “regular” and “maxi” for personalized coverage according to your needs.

- the Secure Friend waterproof pouch : Carry your used protections discreetly and elegantly, accompanying you in all circumstances.

Why do we like it?

Imagine a stress-free menstrual period, where you
worry about leaks, discomfort, or having to change shoes frequently
products. With the Starter Pack,
transform your menstrual period into an almost forgotten experience,
allowing your true self to shine, uninterrupted. Adopt a
healthier and more environmentally friendly approach, while benefiting
unrivaled comfort and protection.
Opting for our Starter Pack means choosing to live your period in complete freedom and
confidence, armed with the best allies. It means saying goodbye to compromises and
hello to lasting serenity

Delivery and returns

Try Jefais-mapart menstrual panties for free for 30 days. Not satisfied? Receive a full refund. For any questions or complaints, please contact us using the contact form.

Dare to change towards a sustainable future with Jefais-mapart.

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Try our Starter Pack

🎉Ready to transform
your menstrual experience? 🎉

Order your Pack now
Start and embrace the menstrual wellness revolution.

Take the first step towards
unshakeable peace of mind.

Collapsible content

1. What is the absorption capacity of Feline Guard?

The Feline Guard panties offer an absorption capacity ranging
up to 65 ml, which is equivalent to approximately 4 tampons. So you can be
calm and feel confident throughout the day.

2. Are the Feline Guard panties suitable for sports activities or nights?

Absolutely ! The DRY Flora panties are designed for you
accompany you in all your activities, including sporting activities or
during your nights. It provides advanced leak protection for you
allow you to move with confidence and spend peaceful nights.

3. Is the Secure Friend pouch waterproof?

Yes, the Secure Friend pouch is waterproof. Her
interior is covered with a layer of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) which
guarantees reliable protection against leaks. So you can transport
your dirty underwear or towels safely, without fear of

4. How many dirty underwear or towels can the pouch hold?

The Secure storage pouch
Friend has a spacious capacity. With practical dimensions of 20 * 15 cm,
it can hold up to two panties or three soiled towels. YOU
you can enjoy your daily activities in complete peace of mind
peace of mind, knowing your items are safely stored and protected.

  • Sophie H., nurse

    “These panties are a real game changer for me.
    With my job at the hospital, I need something
    something reliable and which keeps its promises. And I was not disappointed ! If you're looking for something comfortable and secure, these are the panties for you."

  • Sandra, 32 years old Angers

    "I swapped my disposable panty liners for the Light option of SoftFlow pads, and frankly, for small flows or just to feel clean all day long, it's perfect. Nothing left to throw away! It's great for the planet and my wallet."

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