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Maxi Comfort Pack : the all-in-one solution for ecological and peaceful menstruation

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Feline Guard Panties (Size) :
Dry Flora Briefs (Size) :
SoftFlow Towel🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 (Size) :
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Discover the Maxi Comfort Pack - The complete solution for peaceful periods!

Discover the Maxi Comfort Pack - The complete solution for peaceful periods! This pack is designed to provide ultimate comfort and make your menstrual routine stress-free.

Composition :

He understands :

- Premium menstrual panties : Feline Gard and Dry Flora for tailor-made absorption and comfort that lasts all day.

- Soft Flow washable pads : Three levels of absorption for complete and versatile protection, perfect complements to briefs

- the Femina Carry kit : All your menstrual essentials elegantly organized in one place.

- the Secure Friend Pouch : Transport your worn protections discreetly and safely.

- the Pure Gentle Mini Washing Machine : Fast and effective cleaning for your lingerie and intimate hygiene products.

- LeafFresh Biodegradable Laundry Sheets : Wash your protections ecologically, with ease.

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Absolute advantages

By ordering the Maxi Comfort Pack, you save a lot and receive as a bonus the SereniTea infusion, a soothing infusion to relax you during your period, as well as the TaeBloom infuser to enjoy your favorite infusion anywhere.

Order your pack now and enjoy a comfortable, stress-free and eco-friendly period experience. Join our community of women who have chosen freedom, sustainability and responsible comfort.


1. Can we really count on the menstrual panties in the pack for heavy flows or urinary leaks?

The Feline Guard and Revive Wear panties that are part of this pack are great
absorbent, ideal for heavy flows and urinary leaks. They
keep you dry and comfortable all day long, allowing you to move
freely without worry.

2. Are Soft Flow washable towels really comfortable and discreet?

Yes, they are ultra-comfortable and almost invisible under
clothes ! Made from soft, breathable bamboo fibers,
Soft Flow towels provide secure protection while remaining securely in place,
thanks to their anti-slip strip. You can move with confidence.

3. Can I use the Pure Gentle Mini Washing Machine to wash anything other than menstrual hygiene products?

Yes, absolutely! The mini
Pure Gentle washing machine, with its compact and energy-efficient design, is
ideal not only for your menstrual hygiene products but also for
other small items such as underwear, socks, or small
delicate clothing. Its gentleness and effectiveness make it a perfect choice for
washing textiles requiring special care. Just make sure to
follow the instructions provided in the user guide to ensure the
best results and take care of your delicate textiles.

4. Is it true that LeafFresh laundry sheets do not harm the environment?

Our laundry sheets
LeafFresh are 100% biodegradable, without harsh chemicals. They
clean effectively while being gentle on the environment, aligning
perfectly on our vision of sustainable menstrual hygiene.

5. How can I optimize my relaxation time with SereniTea infusion?

To relax and relieve period discomfort,
prepare yourself a cup of our SereniTea infusion. Use the infuser
TaeBloom for easy preparation. Drink it hot whenever you need
a moment of comfort.

  • Nadège L., Angers

    "I opted for the Maxi pack, attracted by the installment payment offer. It seemed to me to be the ideal opportunity to calmly begin my adventure with washable products. I was skeptical about their effectiveness and the The idea of ​​having to wash them made me hesitate. However, the offer of a mini washing machine finally convinced me to take the plunge. It was with pure joy that I discovered washable panties and towels, which I now use. a fervent follower. I highly recommend!”

  • Aline F. Nantes

    "I fell for the Maxi comfort pack, and what a good
    choice ! Big plus for their eco-friendly commitment and great customer service. THE
    ultra-comfortable panties and towels (a first for me) make
    the rules much more manageable, even at work 😀. The mini washing machine,
    it's the icing on the cake, making washing super simple. I recommend to
    background for an easier daily life and a gesture for the planet!”

  • Léa D., Paris

    "'Feline Guard' is the best! She's pretty with her lace
    and what's more, it protects really well. I love it because I know I'm making a
    gesture for the planet by wearing it. It's perfect for those who want to be stylish while remaining green."

  • Clara, 29 years old, Montpellier

    "This mini washing machine has transformed
    the way I take care of my lingerie and particularly my menstrual panties. Finished
    tedious hand washing; this mini washing machine cleans efficiently while
    saving energy. It fits perfectly into my limited space and its
    6 liter capacity meets my needs well. My panties come out clean and
    fresh every time. It's an excellent investment that I don't regret. Very grateful for this innovation!”

  • Charles P. 35 years old Trélazé

    "When my wife bought it, I was a little skeptical about the real effectiveness of this little washing machine. But once I tried it, I was totally sold! No more socks disappearing in the drum of the machine or that we spend hours looking for in the middle of the pile of laundry!

  • Marc Lepesant, 35 years old

    "Having grown up in a family that was very aware of
    environmental impact, I was eager to try LeafFresh when my
    partner told me about it. The effectiveness of these laundry sheets is
    amazing: they clean perfectly and dissolve without leaving
    least residue. In addition, their pre-dosed format eliminates the risk of waste
    of product. It’s a winning choice for the environment and for our home.
    LeafFresh is now a must-have in our home."

  • Sophie H., nurse

    “These panties are a real game changer for me.
    With my job at the hospital, I need something
    something reliable and which keeps its promises. And I was not disappointed ! If you're looking for something comfortable and secure, these are the panties for you."

  • Justine M. 28 years old

    "Suffering from mild urinary leakage after my pregnancy, I was constantly looking for a discreet and effective solution. The Revive Wear Panties were that miracle solution. Comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly, I couldn't do more 'get over it.'

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