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Wild Bikini Panties

The perfect alliance between bold style, exceptional comfort for light flows

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Dive into the world of Wild Bikini! Experience a new dimension of confidence and comfort with these bold menstrual panties offering unique style , exceptional comfort and reliable protection .

Technical characteristics

With a
absorption capacity of 30 ml, equivalent to 2 disposable tampons, the Wild Bikini
accompanies you during your period and can also replace your
disposable panty liners. Whether to manage white losses , in
ovulation period, in anticipation of menstruation or for bleeding
lightweight, the Wild Bikini will meet all your needs.

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Why do we love it?

The Wild Bikini offers a natural feeling of softness and comfort
All day long.

Its light and breathable material guarantees optimal freedom of movement , allowing you to go about your activities with complete peace of mind.

In addition, the Wild Bikini is mainly designed with bamboo fibers

OEKO-TEX certified, which makes it respectful of your
well-being and the environment.

It's time to adopt the Wild Bikini, a panty that combines style, comfort and reliable protection. Choose an uncompromising menstrual experience .

Order now and enter a new world of confidence and comfort with the Wild Bikini


1. How does the Wild Bikini work to provide reliable protection?

Wild Bikini
features a bamboo outer layer combined with a waterproof layer
breathable PUL, guaranteeing effective protection against leaks and
feeling of freshness during your period.

2. How absorbent is the Wild Bikini?

Wild Bikini
has an absorption capacity of 30 ml, the equivalent of 2 disposable tampons,
giving you reliable protection even during the most intense days.

3. How to maintain the Wild Bikini?

Wild Bikini
is easy to maintain. After use, you can rinse it with water
cold, then wash it by hand or machine with a mild detergent. Avoid
bleaching and ironing to maintain its durability.
If you are looking for an optimal solution, we
recommend using our underwear washing machine. This washing machine offers
specialized washing to preserve the quality of all your underwear and
more specifically menstrual panties. With an operating time of
only 15-20 minutes and suitable washing options, this washing machine
makes it easier to wash your panties. Thanks to its high-quality copper motor
quality, it ensures superior performance with quiet operation.
In addition, it does not require a specific water supply, so you can
fill manually with a tap or a jug of hot water for a little
heat. By using our underwear washing machine, you will extend the
lifespan of your panties, will promote responsible consumption and
reduce textile waste. This will allow you to benefit from protection
reliable for longer, while having a lower impact on the environment.


4. Is the Wild Bikini suitable for all body types?

Yes, the Wild
Bikini is designed to adapt perfectly to your body shape thanks to its
adjusted size and its proportions conform to standards.

5. How long can I wear the Wild Bikini panties before I need to change them?

How long you wear Wild Bikini Panties depends on your flow
menstrual. It is recommended to change it every 4 to 8 hours to
maintain optimal protection. You can adapt the frequency of
change according to your individual needs.

  • Adeline Jean

    "I have just discovered the Wild Bikini and I am amazed by its effectiveness! No more uncomfortable tampons and granny panties. It absorbs surprisingly well. Despite its bikini appearance, I have had no leaks and the bold style is a real plus. It's a real revolution for my menstrual routine. It feels good to finally feel comfortable and protected with such an ecological and stylish solution.

  • Claudia Audebert

    "I was skeptical at first, but the Wild Bikini has completely changed my outlook on period panties! Not only are they incredibly comfortable and discreet, but they also allow me to stay active all day without worrying about leaks or discomfort The fact that it is made of bamboo fibers reassures me about its ecological impact. It is definitely a purchase that I recommend!

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