Our history

Welcome to Jefais-mapart!

In the dynamism of our time, faced with unprecedented environmental challenges, we oscillate between a feeling of helplessness and a strong desire to act. Jefais-mapart emerges as a concrete and hopeful response to these challenges. Inspired by the path of Celia, a woman whose ecological commitment has permeated her daily life, our brand symbolizes the promise of a sustainable future within everyone's reach.

Celia embodies the soul of our community: a person who is aware, exploratory, and ready to create positive change. Its transition to ecologically responsible menstrual management
revealed how our most intimate choices can have a considerable impact on our planet. Celia's story illustrates the transformative influence that a brand dedicated to sustainability can have, offering alternatives that respect our environment, our health and the dignity of our producers.

Our products transcend the status of simple ecological substitutes. They are made from some of the most respectful raw materials
of the environment, such as bamboo fibers, cork and various wild plants, grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. These choices
meticulous work allow us to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, affirming each Jefais-mapart product as a gesture towards the reduction of waste and the conservation of our precious Earth.

But Jefais-mapart's commitment goes beyond protecting the environment. We are dedicated to improving the lives of the producers and artisans with whom we collaborate, by favoring ethical and sustainable materials.

By supporting bamboo farmers engaged in responsible agricultural practices, and by contributing to cork producer cooperatives guaranteeing fair remuneration, we are participating in a fairer economic model.

Each purchase made at Jefais-mapart is a gesture of support for these men and women, ensuring dignified and fair working conditions, and placing our action in a virtuous circle nourishing our community and our Earth.

Our approach, inspired by a personal story, is transformed into a vocation shared by Jefais-mapart. We are aimed at those who, like Celia, wish to combine comfort, dignity, and respect for the environment in their intimate lives. Our invitation is clear: adopt our principles to harmonize your values ​​with your daily actions, and become the change you want to see.

By joining our movement, you will discover a selection of eco-friendly menstrual management products offering both durability and comfort. You will also join a close-knit community, ready to exchange advice and experiences towards a lifestyle that respects our planet.

We invite you to promote the ideal of sustainability, by sharing your
journey on our social platforms and beyond, thanks to the hashtag #JefaisMapart.

We are convinced at Jefais-mapart that the actions
Individual actions, however modest, have the power to trigger meaningful change.

Celia's story is just the beginning of a collective adventure, where each daily choice enriches our commitment to our world.

Together, let's model a future where comfort and responsibility merge, where every gesture has its value. Let us build, one step at a time, this future with love and determination.

Comfortably responsible!